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June 20, 2017 Reversed/Vacated/Remanded
"Order of the Commonwealth Court with respect to the disposition of the Southern Parcels is hereby vacated.  Orders of the Commonwealth Court regarding the Northern Parcels and the easement across the Meisel Parcel and Northern Parcel UPI 40-1-23.1 are hereby reversed.  This case is remanded to the Commonwealth Court for further proceedings in accordance with this Opinion.  Jurisdiction is relinquished." 

Here are the Supreme Court documents: Reversed-Vacated-Remanded and Judgment.

3/2017 Update

Arguments took place in the PA Supreme Court on December 6, 2016

We are awaiting the Judges' decision


This is no longer about just Kardon Park!

What the Supreme Courts decides will set the precedent that will either protect or allow the sale of many, many public parks across PA.

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See the Dec 16, 2015 Borough Council meeting here.  

Borough Council voted to amend the Kardon Park sales agreement.  Some of the amendments are as follow:

1. Council is refunding $250,000 of the deposit to the Developer, Sarah Peck of Progressive Housing.  Unbelievable!

2. The sale price for the land itself was deleted!  The sale price is based solely upon the number of housing units built ($2,500 flat fee per unit goes to the Borough) and then sold (3% of the sale price goes to the Borough).

3.  Overall, the Borough has reduced the sale price by approximately $3 MILLION!

3. The Borough must pay for remediation of public parkland (that does not need remediation and cannot be sold) in order for the Developer to build her high-density housing on the remainder of the park.


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Here is a brief summary of the decision that was sent to the media by Friends of Kardon Park president, Ann Feldman.

The Court ruled that the lower portion of Kardon Park (that was acquired through condemnation) CANNOT BE SOLD. This is a HUGE WIN!!

The Court’s decision allowing the sale of OTHER portions of Kardon Park (acquired using State-provided Project 70 funds) would allow the sale of many other public parks across PA.  That decision is being challenged by Friends of Kardon Park.

The Court's decision allowing public parkland to be USED by [not sold to] the developer for private use (easements, storm water management, and open space) would open the door for public parks everywhere to be used for private interests.  That decision is being challenged by Friends of Kardon Park.


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