"A Unified Voice is the Strength of a Community"



Friends of Kardon Park began as an organized group of residents and non-residents committed to preventing the destruction of Kardon Park, a lovely 40+ acre park in Downingtown, PA.  Friends of Kardon Park is now a non-profit corporation.

We are committed to preserving Kardon Park as the community park that Downingtown and neighboring communities have enjoyed for over 30 years.

We are currently represented by Samuel Stretton, who WON this lawsuit to save Kardon Park from being sold for a housing and commercial development.  Mr. Stretton is well known for his WIN in the Burholme Park case.  He also filed an amicus cureaie on behalf of Friends of Kardon Park in the "in re Erie Golf Course" case.  The Erie case has been decided, and the neighboring municipality is now owner of the golf course, and it is NOT being sold for development.


Mission Statement: Friends of Kardon Park is dedicated to educating the public about Kardon Park, to include the environmental, fiscal, and social benefits it provides to the residents of Downingtown Borough and neighboring communities.

The mission of Friends of Kardon Park is to preserve Kardon Park as an actively used public park for future generations to enjoy its open grassy areas, ponds, wooded areas, wetlands, wildlife, trail, and monuments, all of which characterize this one-of-a-kind public park as a truly unique asset enhancing the vitality and character of Downingtown.

Friends of Kardon Park's purpose includes raising funds for education of the public and the preservation of Kardon Park, as well as any and all other purposes as are allowed and consistent with PA non-profit corporations.